Help! Keyboard problem!


Wow, I actually typed that right.
So, the keyboard is halfway up the screen! :scream:
And I can't get it down! Does anyone know how to?

Here is how it started:

I was in Hopscotch, and the editor went halfway up the screen! Then, I thought it would go back in a bit. Problem is, the keyboard was halfway up the screen!

Can someone help?


Tap that button and hit dock! :D

Is that the problem?


What Keyboard?


Yah, this has happened to me before. Hold down the keyboard down button and click dock!


Or put a finger on each side and drag them in.


That's for undoing 'split! :D

Dock is when the keyboard is halfway up the screen:



I didn't know you could do that.


That's ok :D
If you want to hit the little keyboard down button on teh right bottom of the screen and hit 'un-dock' :D


Yes, I have had that problem as well! It took me like a full week to work it out​:joy:


Cool it's split! Really hard to type tho.


I've never seen that before!
Well, if it does happen, now I know how to fix it! :smile:


I think you're supposed to put a finger on each side, but it is hard to type with.