Help! I've been hacked!


I am alarmed that when I have come into hopscotch, my name has changed and my avatar has changed! I think I have been hacked! I have changed my name back to Awsome Johnson but my logo is different! help!
@Liza please help!


You should email the Hopscotch Team @




Thanks so much! Your awesome!


Oh no. I see that. You should email the Hopscotch Team. It looks like you haven't published anything. I know it is you because I follow you...


Wait. That makes no sense... It shows your avatar at the top as rainbow, but at the bottom it is octo


Oh no!
Avatars can't b changed back to characters ;-;

Email THT!


Email the Hopscotch Team! :D

You can email them using

If you don't have an email, I can email them for you! C:


I have emailed THT and I'm hoping that they can fix this!


Oh no! D:




Oh no! Now you can't be an octopus! I am literally about to cry right now, that is so sad! Why!


You should email the Hopscotch team


Oh no! Change your password immediately! Hopefully everything will be resolved soon!


Oh no!!!

Contact the hopscotch team Immediately, I hope you can get Octo back!


Now it's the Pizza! D:


This is my profile right now. I really hope I can get octo back!


I also want you to get onto back


I support you too, because you are my #1 Spamliker.

@Awsome is this you?


I am gonna be #2 spam likes!