Help im terrified!


We were exploring the wilderness


No they are actually
I segguest you don't open this if you are under 13 yrs old
those clowns are killing innocent PEOPLE and toddlers


Yeah i know im terrified!
and how is thia hs realted??


Don't worry guys
I mean yes, there have been some reports of real ones, but not many
Most are fake, like a lot. You'll probably won't see them.


No clowns in New Zealand!
Me happy


Hey, it's fine! I can tell you no one is getting hurt by them. We are safe :).


But we can play Hopèmon Go when @Zachyswag publishes it on HS!!


Btw Yey no crowns in the eu


Don't will all be over after Halloween!

Idk if they're in my Country...


Thank goodness for that


At least I don't think there is clowns in the UK...


I never went trick or treating before.


Do it

K maybe it's cold
But you can ring random people's door bells and get free candy


Don't worry they're just teenagers trying to maks you paranoid.

but the clowns have been sighted in the county next to me 0_0


That's pretty far, don't worry

And those ones are probably fake
And tbh lots of people have forgotten about it, and it was really a threat, it would be all over the news

The only thing about clowns on the news is not to dress up as them

Not "be careful this Halloween, kids. Clowns will try to kill you"


Do you realise they're not actually clowns. They're strange teenagers that dress up as clowns and hurt people just to impress their friends


Not necessarily hurting people

Just scaring people and chasing people with knives...

But they don't hurt you.


I haven't seen one yet

I am not going trick or treeting

Tonight I am going to a Halloween thing at my church witch is kid friendly.

Plus there would be clowns in my neighborhood.,.


Maybe not physically on the outside, but they scare people, which is hurting them mentally on the inside