Help im terrified!


Help me!!! There's a bad thing going globally and I'm terrified!!
One hint: clowns…


Dont worry, just stay safe and soon the'yll be gone

first reply


Oh, and how is this related to HS?


Don't worry.

Also as said above, how dis be related?


Don't worry @HappyPerson, they are not really hurting people. They're just scaring kids! The news make it sound like they're hurting people. It's just a silly Halloween prank!
But I did have a nightmear about it two nights ago, but thats because on the "recommended" section in YouTube it had clowns.


I know it's not related. @Explorer_ can you post your last post on global edit, please?I wanna see what you blurred


Just tap the blur @HappyPerson


Oh yeah, did you watch the video? I think I'm gonna not do trick-r-treating this year which make sure me sad


No, or else they nightmear would have been way worse


I'm only going trick-or-treating to my neighbors


Do you live in one of the states that they have arrived in? The first sighting was in my state…



That's what I'm gonna do. I have my dad so he'll protect me


They will be done after Halloween. Ur good


I'm not so sure about that


I heard that they're in my state, but now they're gone.

My story

My class went into the forest to go exploring, and there were two guys wearing black. Everyone was so scared! But they were just workers. XD



Step 2: Have a big group of friends if you're going trick or treating. Also go in a populated area where there would most likely be no clowns.


Why not? I don't even play Pokémon Go


That's hilarious! Why were you in the woods


Pokémon go will lead you outside where the clowns are.


Oh yeah. I do live near a swamp with a thick fores…oh, crapnuggets