Help I'm scared D::


There was someone on hopscotch beta who remixed my project and said I killed ur grandmother and ur next :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


Don't worry, that's NOT true, they are just trying to troll you. Report the project to THT and move on :slight_smile:


Ok thanks are you sure


Absolutely never believe that junk :wink:

It's a random troll trying to scare you, it's all over the Internet. Don't believe it. Please report that project :wink:


Ok thanks very much :smiley:


That isn't true. Don't worry at all! You are safe. Just report it! :smile:


Hopscotch beta?


Even if it's already been said I'll say it again.

It isn't true. There's no way that some random person will do that, find who you are in hopscotch, and tell you. If you see any project like this, report it. You're completely safe, don't worry.


It's absolutely not true. It's already been said like 20 times, but it's a hoax. Just report the problematic project and move on


You should never believe that. Don't worry it's just some kids being mean.


Some bypasses trolls on the Internet. Whelp this is the Internet