Help! I'm locked out of my account!


I'm going to cut to the chase.
I am locked out.
I logged out of PotatoLover3 (:grimacing:) to go on one my coding account and then...I was dum.b.
When you log in, there is no '(' and ')' symbols..
I can't get's sad.
@Rodrigo, @Liza, @Asha, @Thomas, @Montoya, and @Meg may you guys help?
Sorry for tagging all of you.


Oh no!
But I'm not exactly sure what you mean...


Try copying and pasting the symbols when you log in, it should work.


Plus, I didn't know you were a Hetalian!


I logged out… but I forgot my password for my account as I signed up in January 2015.

Whenever I try it goes to my brother’s account