Help! I need to learn something


How do you make lives for a game


I need a counter, then it needs to decrease when a rocket bumps into any of the three bombs


@J_Hill12 Welcome to the Forum!! I'm not that great at coding, so I can't really help you. Welcome to the Forum, though!! You have joined a great community!


Welcome to the forum! First make a value called lives and set it so however many lives you start with and then second when you in hit something like a enemy then make it increases value by -1! And the have a secret text that says repeat forever set text to the value you started with hope this helps!


Hi @J_Hill12!
Welcome to the forum! :D

First, make a text object for the counter! :D

Then, make the object set text to the value that controls the lives forever.

Then, on the bombs or the rocket, make new rule, and make the life value increase by -1 when the rocket/bomb bumps the bomb/rocket. :D


I have the lives starting at 0 but I put increase by -1 but the increase by -5


And how do I make the starting lives 3? Please and thanks!!


Make a new rule on the counter, when the play button is tapped, make the value that controls the lives set to three! :D


Okay then make it increase by 1!


Is there a video I can watch because I literally can't figure this out! I sincerely apologize and I am greatful for the help


Watch the fire bunny video that should help!