HELP! I need this report done by today! help! 😔



I am assigned a report on, How we communicate to other cell phones in a way that seems instantaneous. So after hours of failed research, I decided The best way to figure this out is with help from my fellow hopscotchers. So here I am! But this needs to be hopscotch related! So I thought, why not make a super cool project on this topic so that other people can look at it and not have to spend the hours of research we did. PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP I need this report done by tomorrow! So please help!




May I help? I know quite a bit about this.!


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@shamrockcat YES!!!!! PLEASE


Okay what do I need to do?


@shamrockcat Can you start with what you know?


Phones. Phones have been around for decades. Invented by the honorable Alexander Graham Bell. Women helped work the phones, in which you would be connected to the person you were trying to call.

(I will ask my mom for more info later, please wait)


@shamrockcat The question is how do phones transmit data so quickly?


Ah let me think. One second.

Edit: In the most basic form, a cell phone is essentially a two-way radio, consisting of a radio transmitter and a radio receiver. When you chat with your friend on your cell phone, your phone converts your voice into an electrical signal, which is then transmitted via radio waves to the nearest cell tower.


@shamrockcat thanks! Let's start on that project!


@shamrockcat So? Any idea of what the report will look like?


Hi, can I join? This seems super cool, and I'm actually really interested in this stuff. :))


@PandaBlossom We need as much help as we can get!


Is that a yes? :D



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Thank you! So, where are we in this project? :))


@PandaBlossom @shamrockcat What will we write in our report? Each of us will write a report, then we will vote for which report we think is best and fix it up!


What exactly are we writing about, though? Any specific things on the instantaneous stuffs?


How we can communicate with our friends with cell phones