Help I need help with code



What is happening?
This is so strange everything but this works check it out here is a screenshot


Maybe there's lag or small mistake with code?????????


@Stampys_fans did you try the project?


Ummmmm.... Do I have to answer that (checking...), what it called?????


@Stampys_fans my profile is A happy kid :grinning:


SOrry, I don't get that code, to confusing...


@Stampys_fans do you need me to teach you it


The basics, though I have asmall guess, when the thing is tapped it sets a value to one and when value is one it changes invis percent to 100...


Ok you are getting it but not completely I will make a topic that will teach everyone all the basics


Anyone I need some help


Please can anyone help


I can, but I need screenshots of the left hand and the right hand code, as I don't have Hopscotch. :confused:


Did you associate it with the other hand? If you did just go into code and tap the other hand emoji. :slightly_smiling: