Help! I’m making a 3D game but I need someone to help me with the movement



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@FearlessPhoenix your help would be awesome!


If your new, I suggest you check out the #faq tab. (Tap it to see projects under it)
It’s meant for people who are new here. It has answers to the questions people have
Trust me if you don’t know something check there or use the search bar, you’ll find the answer your looking for ^w^


That didn’t answer my question…


Hey @CreationsOfaNoob, is tangent useful when turning 360 degrees on a 3d game?


That is a weird question


Yeah I know, but I found out tan can make objects get automatically to the other side, look, cos makes a weird bounce then goes to the other side if variable is always decreasing by 1, sine does almost the same, but tangent, when finishing the bounce, goes to the other edge of the movement


Hmmm… Interesting.


@Hopscotcher check this


All circles are being tested with the same variable decreasing


Ha get rekt I already saw it. I get what you mean now.


Here’s a link:
It doesn’t onebox because the link is on the same line as other raw text.


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This how hopscotched trolls people