Help, I lost part of what I made



I was working on a new fuzzy draw earlier today. I came back now, and saw that I lost 7 colors that I made. Did this happen to anyone else, or do you know how I could resolve it?


It did not happen to me but as to my knowledge there is no way to resolve it without contacting the HS, and even that may not work.


I don't really know how to help, could you describe your problem a little bit more? :D


I'm pretty sure I explained as well as I could. Earlier I added code for new colors, and I lost all but 1... Maybe like a save was lost.... though I don't know.


Yeah that is a glitch that I think @thomas and @Liza had a topic for :wink: maybe check that topic out for help?


I can't seem to find the topic...


There's this