Help i have no ideas



Hi i need help. So far i think of doing this what do you think?

  1. School

  2. custom websites

  3. chatroom


I think custom websites would be cool :smiley:



You seem to like art projects. If you're using the same name on the forum and on hopscotch itself, I see that you made something that you entitled "my real room" with lots of purple color in it. And then I see that you have remixed stuff that other people made that's also artsy. When it comes to art, anything goes. If that's the preferred type of project, then your question is like inviting others to pick a number between negative infinity and infinity. :smile:

  1. Would it be interesting to you to try to make code that draws the random branches and twigs of a realistic tree? That could be really cool.

  2. Another thing that is kind of artsy that I have been considering doing myself is to try to create realistic lightning. That problem has some things in common with the tree problem.

  3. Or what about this? In certain parts of the world there was a "super moon" eclipse during the last 24 hours. Do you think you could animate that and give it all of the eery colors that were visible during the real eclipse? If you really wanted to be ambitious, you could actually start by trying to make an accurate representation of the visible side of the moon from scratch (not the programming language), and then do the animation. I have some ideas about how that might work.

I like stuff in nature as an inspiration for art. Do you?


Here. So it's easier for you to know what people want you to do, I will make a poll.

What should PunkGamer Make?

  • School
  • Custom Websites
  • Chatroom



How did u make that?

- HI
- Hello
- Bye

This is how you make it @Pink_Cloud.