Help! I can't see other people's accounts!


Help ! I cannot access other people's accounts on the forum ! Please can someone help me ? I have tried exiting and logging back in but it did it work ! Please help me !



What do you mean, access other people's accounts?


I don't understand what you mean.


For example , if I clicked on your avatar , I would not be able to see your profile Backround ! My iPad would just crash !


Does this also happen on


It does ! I have tried on there and it will not work !


Post on discourse meta


What iPad version do u have? Have you downloaded the latest update? Are you new?


No I am not new , I am not sure which iPad I have , I have 9.3.3




How do I do that ? Do I have to make an account or what ?


Yeah just make an account on dicourse and listen to what they say!

Very helpful people when I checked