Help! I can't login!



Agghhh Please someone help! I can’t login into my hopscotch account! I have no idea why! I double checked if it was the right password and it was! It’s 100% right! I have no idea why its doing that. I can’t login into my main account. Please someone help.


i just named it project i didnt know ;-;


File a bug report?



? What do i do? The same thing happened to my friend too. wdym tho


That’s happened to me
I suggest reload the app, or delete and re download it.
Or just take a break from the app and come back to it after some time


ohh ok, I’ll try that.


Hey @SapphiraDonut and @dogwithapen you should email and we can help you get back into your account. We released a bad update where your password could have gotten overwritten and your username changed, we fixed it pretty quickly but if you opened the app during that time your account could be affected. So sorry about this!


Thank you! As of right now, I am not active on hopscotch, but the last time I was on, my password wasn’t working
I’ll be sure to do that :)


That’s the answer that you need :slight_smile:


Ty @AwesomeOnion, @William04GamerA @PartTimeFemale and @DogWithAPen for the help!!


Did you try clicking on the make new account button?


I think maybe you should contact the Hopscotch Team through the email and ask them to fix the bug. Maybe they could create a new password or username for you?


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