Help, I can't log in to Hopscotch!


Help! I can't sign in to my account on Hopscotch! I have tried so much to get in, I've reset my password 3 times, I've tried to log in with both my username and email, I even tried another email to make another account with but I guess I have an account with that email already, but I guess I don't remember what that account is! Helpp!


Oh, that's annoying. It happened to me before. D:

So, you should be putting in your username and password then pressing the button to log in. Is that exactly what you're doing?

Are you resetting the password for the correct account? Are you sure you have the username correct?


Try making an account with no email, it works every time 100% guaranteed.


Yes, I have been trying everything!


Ok, I'll try!

I hope it works!
Edit//: IT WORKED!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope I can get my account back sometime, but I never even thought of that XD, tsym!


Well, try emailing THT in case it's a bug. There's got to be something going wrong.


Do what @treefrogstudios suggested. I think that the only was right now is to try again or email THT.


Me too. But it's impossible for me to get mine. It was befor you could use passwords/emails. I converted my current one.