Help! I can't figure this out



I have always been wondering how people get "pictures into their projects.
Like @CreationsOfaNoob. The smoke in your cannon (under Text).

Anything will help, thanks!


You can only put links in as far as I know, but now you've made me think...


That smoke icon is an "emoji", like these::grinning::grimacing::sweat_smile::laughing::dog::cat::panda_face::koala::fog::cloud_tornado::ocean::sweat_drops::tomato::strawberry::melon::corn:. You get them by going to Settings>General>Keyboards>Keyboards>Add new keyboard and scroll down to Emojis.
Then tap this button to show them:

I hope this was helpful​:slight_smile:!


Thanks. I know how to use emojis but I thought that it was a picture, not an emoji. Thanks for telling me!