HELP! I can't change my profile background!



Lock? What do you mean?


You hold your lock button, and it says power off. So you can turn in off. I tried taking a screenshot but it didn't work.




Here's an idea...

@JaggedJeans Are you on mobile? My problem also happens on the mobile version, so I wonder if you can do it with a computer. I haven't tried that yet, though...


I'm on mobile
But I have a computer :D


I don't know if your issue was solved, but have you tried changing your background on your computer?


It was solved :stuck_out_tongue:


So does it work on a computer, then? My issue is the same as yours, but I haven't found the solution. :stuck_out_tongue:


Computers generally work better, I was having problems changing my profile pic from Chara to mtt (oh yes!) but the computer fixed the issue almost immediately.


I don't know I only used my laptop once and that was just for fun :stuck_out_tongue:

I write really slow on laptops and like sonic the hedgehog on iPad (yey for autocorrect) so I barely ever use them (for the forum) :stuck_out_tongue:

So idk