Help! hopscotch wont load public projects and i have wifi


Please send help or ill never be able to code again


Reboot your device, hold the power and off until it turns back on


I dont think it works


Ill try to reboot it :grinning:


Robooting did not work


Oh, try emailing The Hopscotch Team


Someone else had a problem like this recently I think, but I don’t remember who.


Check your wifi router to see if the internet is working. This has happened to me before. It might say you have wifi connection but maybe not internet.


same thing is happening to me :((
EDIT: okay, the problem is that i’m not in the latest version of hopscotch. you should check that.


Sorry for no reply but i tried that :sob:


I deleted hopscotch!!!




Why did you do that?

Before deleting the app off, at least we should try to fix the problem?


Your wallpaper tho


Did you reinstall it? What happened?

Also, were you working on school wifi? Sometimes the community gets blocked by a firewall.


This is happening and only school WiFi works so I can’t publish at home I just realized this. I will try to code a cool project


I will be drawing shaggy now


Actually he’s too hard