Help! Hopscotch team

To @Liza, @Montoya, @Rodrigo
I am working on a pixel art 200x200 and it keeps on deleting lines of pixels for example some days it works some days it doesn't.
Could you please fix it's been going on for months with both IPad mini and IPad Air 2!
I would really like if it could be fixed because I keep on doing the same lines over and over again


Uh oh.:confused: Are you on the latest update? Maybe you can refresh Hopscotch and the problem could be solved.:slight_smile: If THT don't respond, you should email them at

Ok yeah I have updated I might delete hopscotch get it back. See if that's works but if not I guess I will have to move on!
Yeah it's been happening for months on iPad mini 0(first version) and IPad Air 2


Is this a draft project? What's it called?


Just knew it yesterday. It needs a newer version

Yes,I saved as draft my '3D rainbow icecream' project and deleted the code for that then started the pixel art.
My HS name is Dolphin Coders and my draft is called Harley Quinn.

Evry time you exit, have it draw all your progress, and copy it. Name the in copied version (name) and then your percent complete.

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