Help Hopscotch Team



For some reason a lot of Mangle The Fox :wolf:'s projects are on my remixes of my projects page. I couldn't reach out to you guys from The app. Please help me .


Do you mean "Mangle the Fox" remixes your projects a lot? If so, then nothing's wrong! :D


No. It says that it was not created from me in the beginning. Plus these are not my projects at all.


Could you post a screenshot? Sorry, I'm confused. XD


Oh it disappeared. Also are you part of the hopscotch team?


Ok! Good luck with your problem, hope it doesn't happen again. :D

And nope! That would be cool...and weird... XD
But no, I'm just a Hopscotcher! :D


She should be…

Welcome @Inventorkid btw! Tag me like "@KVJ" anytime you'd like help :slight_smile:


Aw, thanks @KVJ! That's really sweet. :D You're awesome. :)

And like KVJ, I would love to help any time so just tag me! :D


Thanks @Bananadog! That's "really sweet"!!



Yep dont you think he should be leader?


KVJ? If he's who you're talking about, then YES!!! :D

K now BOT :D


Yep. that's who I was talking about. That's a really weird glitch he has (inventor kid)