Help Hopscotch improve performance...with prize



Hey all,

Hopscotch has been working on changes to the way that the Player works to improve performance and get things ready for the new blocks we want to add in the future. (Yes, we’re excited, too)

We’ve made some things faster, but want to make sure that we haven’t broken things in the process.

We’re asking you guys to help us out by testing a new beta. And we’re offering a bounty for whoever finds the most slow projects.

Here’s how to help:

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  1. Download the newest Hopscotch Beta
  2. Pick a project to test.
    This could be your own project, a community project or a new project that you make specifically to test performance of something you think might be slow (clones, growing, lots of collisions, whatever you can think of)
  3. If you notice a difference in performance (it’s slow or somehow broken), post here with the following template:
    1. The web player link to the project that you think is slow/broken
    2. The device you used to test it
    3. A short description of what you did to create the issue


That’s it! I’ll have a 15 minute Hangout with whoever finds the most slow projects :slight_smile:

We want to make sure that playing games on Hopscotch continues to be an awesome experience and want to make the code you work so hard on run even faster, so thanks for helping us out.


P.S: If you find a project that's faster on the beta, please let me know also! It won't help us fix anything, but it will make me smile :slight_smile:



You guys make HS a lot better!!


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This is cool!

What do you mean with this?


My old Car game is completely broken on our iPad Pro. Just by opening the project it loads perfectly, but everything but for the controls and the car is black, and it seems to be paused.


We'll do a google hangout. You can ask me all of the burning questions you have about working at Hopscotch, being a developer or anything else you want to know. Maybe we can chat about music or philosophy. Really up to whoever can id the most issues, but I'm a prettttttty fascinating person know.


Okay! I don't have hangouts so that's bad


If you win, I'm sure we can find something...


Me too. I'm on a school iPad so I can't get hangouts but I have docs :slight_smile:
How does hangouts work?


I'm not an official beta tester, I downloaded it without knowing that you had to get an email or anything. Sorry about that.

An pretty old iPad, not sure what generation.
I played the project, and it would let me pass, even when I hit the circle.


Sounds awesome! I'll test on my phone later and maybe on my iPad

An old iPad
I can't cut the fillet.
(I'm starting to think that it's just my iPad)


This is sounding amazing! I will test it later!


Oh and jeep jump is much faster in beta.


You don't have to be an official beta tester to test it :wink:
Edit: @Liza liked this!!


Hi Thomas and the HT!

I'm unable to beta test, but I can help in some ways if possible! :slight_smile:

If you need help finding bugs in the brand new update!!


What are the new blocks going to be?


What if you don't have google hangouts? :frowning:


suspense and excitement intensify