Help! Hopscotch Glitch! My Projects!



Glitch. Whenever I play our projects, some code (Delay floating down, it was from a smooth background project) went into it and ran! And whenever I use project links, when I tap the three dots in the corner, it doesn't say who made the project or what the project's name was! Help, @Liza!


So you want to know who made the project? If so, save it as draft then publish it. There will be a remix tag! Unpublish later! :wink:


That is annoying. I don't want to do that every single time. But thanks for the advice!


It's the only way for now. :\

And you're welcome! :wink:


I wonder..... It has never happens to me, but I agree with @Rawrbear, it is the only way for now. You could also email THT.


I don't have an email. Maybe I could just tell @Liza next chance I get.


Ok. Maybe there is a topic where you can ask @Liza questions, or you could just tag her. I hope you figure this out! :slightly_smiling:


We just tagged her.