Help Hopscotch fix draft deletion bugs


Hey Hopscotchers,

We are working on fixing bugs with draft uploading/saving. We have reports of people who come back to a draft only to find that the code is gone when they open it, but we are having trouble replicating the bug.

Does anyone have a set of steps that can reproduce this bug? Ideally these would be steps that reproduce the bug every time you follow them.



Help Hopscotch fix draft deletion bugs: round 2
Draft deletion bugs info and help
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I know a few people have had the misfortune to experience this REALLY annoying bug, and we want to make sure nobody else does in the future.

so. if this has happened to you, pllllllllease tell us everything about the experience so we can figure it out. it's a doozy, this bug :triumph:

thanks from all of us at Hopscotch!

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What happened?


This just happened to me! I spent a month on my drawing pad update and it disappeared! I logged out and back in, restarted hopscotch, and deleted and reinstalled it! It didn't come back. ;-;


Same with me! I was working on a hopscotch iPad, and then all of it just disappeared!


What exactly were you doing before it disappeared?


I logged out of my account and went into my art one, and it was gone when I came back.


So when you came back you didn't see the draft at all.

Can you give me the name of the project and the name of the account?


My username is Dude73, and my art one is GalaxyArtist73.

The draft is called DudePad improved! (In progress)


When I log out and come back, sometimes the code is still there but when I tap/press the iPad, it doesn't respond. Halp please!!! :sweat:


Just to confirm Dude73: you no longer see this project in your drafts?


I do have this project in my drafts, but the code is completly gone.


And you haven't added any since?

I'm looking and it seems like maybe the objects are there but there rules are all gone, is that what you see?


I haven't added anything, I have been working on other drafts.

And yes, I see the objects. There is just no code.


Thanks, this is already pretty helpful as a start. When you logged out of the account had you just been working on that project?


Okay. This Happened to me, and here is some details. I don't know if they are important or not, but here it goes!

I logged out, really quickly, then logged right back in. The drafts that I had downloaded were there, but all the rest were gone! I know I had many, many drafts not downloaded. I was on my school wifi, and probably lots of people were using it at the same time as me. Sometimes our school wifi goes kind of weird, it turns off and then I have to fix it. It was in the afternoon, when most Hopscotchers are out of school and on Hopscotch.


Yes, I was adding a multicolor option before I logged out.


It has happened to me, but all I can say is that I hadn't been playing hopscotch for about a week, then I logged on, and everything was normal, I edited one of my projects (the 240 color drawing pad) and when I exited to save the draft, it was a blank white screen, I entered the project and there was no code... (;-;) so, like any intelligent person (sarcasm -_-) I decided to open ALL of my other projects and the exact same thing happened to all of them, in the order that I opened them.

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Here's an awesome topic that @Anonymous created that describes how the bug is made.

If you place random sound blocks with random music notes and keep the volume turned up, eventually you will stumble across this bug. It happens to me commonly when composing music. And look for this:

The button will be faded out, and if you click other buttons, it will have the same effect: it will be faded out like the image shows.

Close out of the draft, and your drafts will have colored Hopscotch logos on them. If you click on a draft, it will be empty, and will delete itself. I had two drafts deleted because of this.

If you press the home button twice and swipe the app out, everything will turn back to normal, but your drafts will be gone for some reason.

I hope this helps!

(@Liza, @thomas)