Help Hopscotch fix draft deletion bugs: round 2



Hey Hopscotchers,

We are continuing to work on fixing bugs with draft uploading/saving. As a result of our last search we were able to fix at least 3 specific bugs related to draft saving.

We take this issue very seriously and want to make sure that no one is losing their work.

At this point it is unclear how many/if any bugs people are experiencing.

IF you have experienced losing drafts or losing code
AND it was while using Hopscotch version 3.0.1 (the current version of Hopscotch)
AND you are not suffering from this already solved issue.
AND the lost data was not the result of a collab

Please let us know exactly what happened by replying in this thread.

To help us stay focused on the bug, please don't post to let us know that you aren't having issues (you can just like my post) or to tell us you have had issues in the distant past.






Thanks for trying to help the commuintie :>




This will be REALLY super helpful so please tag anyone you know who's had this problem :slight_smile:


This is really great!
Do you know if there's anyways to PREVENT this from happening? i.e upload drafts?


Every time you exit a project, it should save and (if you have wifi) upload to our servers.

If you want to save a snapshot of a draft at a certain place, you can always publish it.

Help, I lost part of what I made

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That explains what was happening in my account. :confused:
I logged on to my account to see about 7 drafts although I only made about 4. . .
I opened my draft where I had been coding my first ever pixel art, (stitch playing the guitar), and I was shocked​:scream:to see that though I was about 3/4 way done, it only showed about 1/4 of the pixel art.:frowning:I looked in the code and sure enough, most of my work was gone.
I checked the next draft and it showed about 1/3 of the art. I continued checking the rest of the drafts and the best I could find, was a draft which held slightly more than half of the pixel art finished.:neutral_face:I settled on that one, and deleted the others.
I had been working on this pixel art for the past month and it had been delaying me from posting as much as I normally would, I was very upset​:pensive:when I saw that some of the code had mysteriously disappeared. However, I understand that it isn't you or the rest of the hopscotch team's fault​:slight_smile:and I don't blame you the slightest because I know you would never want to hurt our community and you are always doing your best to make it better. I'm just happy that you are trying to fix it. :blush:
I hope my response will help you fix the problem! Tag me if you need any more details or have questions about what happened.:blush:


What do you mean when you say "that explains what was happening to my account" Did you have one of the resolved issues?

If not I'd like to know more. Were you doing a lot of work offline?


What happened to me was I made a draft went to check something and all my work was lost


I think some people need draft insurance!
Basically, they can take pictures of their code or remember it or something so that code can be easily added back if code is lost.
Maybe in case someone loses code someone can do something like that. I dunno.
Also, doesn't deleting and then reinstalling Hopscotch fix the losing code bug? @Liza suggested this to me and it worked.


When I said it explained a lot I meant that I thought it had just been something with my iPad and I hadn't planned on telling becuase Ai didn't think it mattered and I didn't want to bother you and the rest of the team.
Yes, I have been doing a lot of work offline recently. Two weeks ago I went on vacation to Disney world and I carried a small backpack around the parks including my iPad and some other things as well. I don't like many rides, as I'm not your kind of roller coaster girl. I even get sick on a Ferris wheel! So, when my my siblings went on some of the fast rides, I stayed behind with my grandparents and I would get out my iPad and add lines to my pixel art while waiting. I also liked to add code to it late at night when we got back from the parks while I was waiting for a turn in the shower. I don't have a phone so I don't get wifi everywhere I go. In the parks, there was no free wifi and the wifi connection at my hotel was really bad. It kept kicking me off wifi so after the first two days, I gave up on it and stayed offline the rest of the weeklong trip.
Looking back, yes I think it does fall under the category of the recently solved issue. The weird thing was, that it multiplied into several drafts showing stages of pixel art in the order I added. . . I'm not sure if that last part helps at all or means anything.


Interesting. Do you have the name of the draft?


We think we've fixed it, but we want to make 100% sure.


I tried it out and well....
It still deleted some of my drafts well not exactly but when I open the project it goes pitch black and all the codes are doubled.
I had a backup so it was fine but it might cause some problems for other hopscotchers hope this helps ~ MeaowCat~(@Hermione)