Help! Hopscotch Broken



Ok so there is NOTHING wromg with this project. It has 4K definition in width and height pixels… when I did this the bug started. And when I publish it NOTHING shows up - only the sad gloomy darkness… this makes the drawing pad undrawable and a really annoying black colour… @POMTL

The Game:

Oh and whoever fixes it first gets a free shoutout, follow and likes on 10 of their projects :slight_smile:



the project itself is broken, I deleted everything and it’s still black

this is most likely from you making the project 4k (how and why did you do that?), so don’t do that, I guess
p.s. you wouldn’t have seen the trail anyways, since trails can’t be over objects (for example, your background object)


Ahah! But that is why the background gets set to 99% invisibility! So you can still see the trail but it only activates when the background itself is tapped. And about 4K is because I was going to make it a HD drawing pad - just to find that the HD resolution is actually smaller in height. So I made it ULTRA HD! Because in previous non 4K versions positions of objects were determined by the height and width of the screen - to prepare it for me making it HD… so I thought the sizing of an object had broken and was rilling up the background…
And Finally I was originally going to make it HD because, what is better than HD drawings?

Paint.Hopscotch Deluxe Edition v1.2 (previous version):

EDIT: @GysvANDRegulus


Is this fixed or do you need my help?


Nice art pad, I really like all the colors


No. However I have scrapped 4K and I am keeping it at normal resolution. Making it 4K breaks the project so it could not be fixed anyway.


Maybe make a copy of the project in your drafts…and don’t use the 4k