Help get this awesome project to 10000 likes!


So we all know that ahappycoder is a great project maker and as a surprise I thought maybe we should get his or he project to 10000 likes
95 more likes for it
Can someone bring the OMTL please

tag list



Please use the updated OMTL

Thank you


That was the updated one

Or at least the updated one from 8 minutes ago :stuck_out_tongue:



I put my name on that list!



Great topic. I already liked it though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


you said his and he i think you forgot the r​:joy:


10000 likes is not even possible...there is not even 10000 hopscotchers


Kaleidicosmos has over 52,000 likes.


oh uh​:thinking: that's weird i wonder how


Wonder what @SimplySouthernGurl?


how that happened because there is no way that there has been 54000 hopscotcher


There is a way. Hopscotch is growing and more people are joining Hopscotch.


Well there have been that many accounts created since it was made, and it was made a long time ago. Obviously we don't have 54,000 Hops active since many have left over the years, but across time we have had that many :open_mouth:


I want to make a person feel accomplished and surprise them with 10000 likes on a project they worked hard on because they deserve it.


I don't care at the moment. I wish unnoticed hopscotchers would be more noticed, but AHappyCoder worked hard on his project and deserves 10000 likes! This topic is not for you to have a pity party, so please don't complain or create a fight here. I'm not in the mood.


How do you play? I don't understand it.


Because they deserve all the likes and even though they have over 9000 likes they worked really hard and they're a really nice person so it should be a surprise for them!
You know what I'm sick of you guys complaining @kiwicute2016 may you please close this useless topic



Hopscotch has over 3 million users, I believe.