Help for when I publish



I was wondering that whenever I publish a project you can only see bird! I notivce everyone else has their project visible when you scroll through newest or something! HELP! (Look up my username and you might see what I am talking about. I am Love Dance:dancer:🏼


Hmm I don't know this happend to me before! Was it a remix?


Just a glitch. No need to worry. :smile:

Have you tried..
Coming out of the game and going back in?
Logging out and logging back in?
Deleting hopscotching and re-downloading hopscotch?


Is your internet on?
Is your project(s) possibly in the filter?

If nothing works you should emAil the HS team about it :wink:


I think it was a project I originally made


I am not sure:/
I am in Internet


Oh awesome I will try! Thanks!:grinning: