Help for trail art!


Hey.I want to learn how to code drawing. Please reply if you would like to help


Do you want a code a drawing pad or make drawings out of code?


Drawings out of code


Ok. Use leave a trail a lot.
You mean trail art.


Cool! Code drawing (commonly called "trail art") is really fun. I'm sure the trail art queen, @SmilingSnowflakes, could help. I don't make much trail art, but here's a post with some tips:


Yes trail art. I got my iPad taken away so I need a bit of help:blush:]


Trail art is easy once you get the hang of it! I don't really do trail art, but I will try to find some topics to help you!

Pixel art is another way to make art, check out my pixel art help center if you want to learn more!


Here is a Helpful topic:

To find more topics on trail art, use the search button ( the :mag: Up top) to search for trail art!

I hope this helps!

Tag me anytime you need help, like this: @bluedogmc-official!