Help for the Forum


Ok. This is now a topic where I will ask my questions about how the Forum works.


You can try the tutorial in this topic, instead of making a new one.
You may want to change this topic in to something else, that does need a topic


Who lounged this topic?


So…were you the one who lounged it?


Personally i think this topic is fine.


lol are you reviving those times whenever someone made a topic like this they would drown in winky faces

is it bad that if I was in those times I would be more afraid to post and get satisfaction from using it


Idk why the wink XD
I don’t want my post to seem too help-y though…

Not really


At one point I would find winkys hilarious because it has another meaning and i’m pretty sure everyone would be like (deleted)

on topicerinoooooo-

if ya wanna be off topic do it in a general topic


First question: Is there a way to delete topics you don’t need anymore?




I don’t think you can delete them…
But a leader can close topics, or you can tag everyone and ask them to delete their posts and change the topic name and original post to something else…


ok! :smile: That’s helpful.


Okey then…
So…what do you want to do with this topic?


I’m keeping this one, but i’ll probably change the title of one of my other topics.


Ok then…