Help for new forum hopsotchers



If figure that I can help people who are new to forum so here's so guide to improve your text:
1.first put [Size=20] you can create this with any number after=
2.second put a space and type in any sentence you want
3.finally space again and put [ /size] don't do a space before/.
1.put [poll name=you guys] you can name it any title you want
2. Then click the return button to put in chooses (before putting choice put - then space) example:
- Yes
- Sure
- No
3.finish off with [/poll]
It should look like this

  • Yes
  • No



Really? This is cool! I think...


The size we actually figured out by myself, but the poll we need some help on.


You don't really need the to name the poll :wink:, I hacked it so it did not make a poll.
- Happy
- Fine
- Sad


Ya the name was a extra part that can work in the action


If you have multiple polls in a topic, then it is time to put a name :wink:


Does it work?


You need [/size] at the end too! :wink:





WOAH, I just made an empty poll! :stuck_out_tongue:

It had this:


Does this work?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Potato



You spelled the first poll wrong :wink:


Copy and paste this :wink:.
- 1
- 2
- 3