Help for Hops! Cool Tricks on HSF



Hey guys! @braybraylovesmonkeys here, and today I'm gonna show you cool tricks in ur text on HSF.
1. < a > makes this text blue, but do it without the spaces! < /a >
2. < small > makes this text small, but do it without the spaces! < /small >
3. < makes this text invisible, but without the spaces. You can use it to make ur post 20 characters! >
4. < big > makes this text big, but without the spaces! < /big >
5. * makes this text indented, but without the spaces! *
6. ** makes this text bold, but without the spaces! **
7. < ins > makes the text a darker blue, and underlined, but without the spaces! < /ins >
8. < del > makes this text look deleted, but without the spaces! Like, it's red and has a slash through it! < /del >
9. < kbd > makes this text look.. weird and different. Like this! < / kbd >
10. < h1 > makes this text HUGE, but without the spaces.


< /h1 >
Have fun, guys!
Hope this is helpful!
Btw, if you have more, tell me!
I'm giving credit...



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Omg 😲 I can't believe it
Hi everybody I am new to the forum!

First and first!
Cool topic!


Cool topic, thanks for the tips!


It's not working for me. Can you please explain once more?


Don't put spaces
How do u put extra small text


Use <sub> or <sup>




np. You can use many together.


hi @braybraylovesmonkeys


Hey what's up dude? I love this text glitch What about you?


Also, < del > makes something look like it was deleted
And < ins > makes something look like it was added!


It doesn't work. Do I add the text after < /big > ?


No, before. Like this, but without the spaces.
< big > SOOHOO < /big >


You're the best, lemme add dat.


Oh cool. Thank you!


Cool, but there is a topic like this already.


Why? But ok




That is so cool!


Thanks! I thought ppl would like it, and they doM :)