Help! (For anyone)



My featured won't update. I tried clicking the top but it still won't update


Well, it doesn't update daily or anything. If the popsicle maker is at the top, you're good


I don't think that it updates daily. What's at the top of your screen on featured?


The Hopscotch Team updates featured weekly, but not daily. You could wait a few days (or even a week), and if nothing has updated, try to send an email to Hopscotch.
Does your featured tab look like this? If so, everything should be alright:
(this is how my featured tab looks and there is nothing wrong, I have not experienced any issues with it)


That's a good test to try see if it's updating :smiley: They usually update it daily or at least every few days, and sometimes on the weekend there aren't any updates :relaxed: