HELP FOR A NEWBIE! Playing projects


I just got Hopscotch and I can't work out how to play the games already made. They all say "Tap see code to try" but I can't find anything that says "see code".


Welcome to hopscotch and the forum!! Anywayz, to play something you just tap the project! there should be a grey pencil icon in the top right corner, if you tap that it should show you the code!
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Welcome to the forum!! :D

To see the code, tap on the project and tap the pencil icon to see the code! :wink:

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Tap da project then da See Code button would appear! BTW, welcolm to Hop and da Forum!:wink:


Welcome to the Forum @emilyfint :D
To see the code, tap the symbol. In an earlier version of Hopscotch, there was a button with the text "See Code" in the place where the pencil is now, so I guess that they just forgot to change it.


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Tru the grey pencil in the top right corner :wink:


Hi @EmilyFint! Welcome to the forum! :D To see the code, tap the In the top right corner. The reason it said to click "See Code", is because in an earlier version, there used to be a button that said "See Code" instead of the pencil. Feel free to tag me any time like @RubyStars! :D


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:
People have already answered your questions above, so I'll give you some hopscotch tips, because it looks like you're new to hopscotch.

  1. Play the videos on hopscotch! They're super helpful! The ones on YouTube use the old editor of hopscotch, so I wouldn't watch those because sometimes it gets super confusing!
  2. Don't be afraid to ask for help! All you have to do is either publish a topic on the forum or make a project, and ask! It's usually faster on the forum, but there's a rule on the forum called, "SBYP."
    It means, Search Before You Post. Basically, it means that you need to search if your question was already asked. You can then just go on the topic and find an answer! This rule makes sure the forum doesn't have like a billion "how do I do 2+2" topics. :slight_smile:
  3. If you see a project that is inappropriate or mean, just click the three dots on top of a project, and click report. Then, follow the steps after that to make sure the community stays safe!
  4. If you see a mean username, email the hopscotch team at! (Without a !) There's no "report user" button right now.
  5. If you see any mean stuff, don't react to it, or make a topic on the forum about it. This will only "feed the flame." It's basically saying that if you react to this mean person, it'll get worse and worse. :slight_smile:
  6. Be nice, and have fun!

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Just type an @ and Snoopy next to it! I'll get a notification, and try to help as soon as possible! Everyone on the forum is super nice and helpful! :slight_smile:


It should be there....
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It should be the small pencil icon