Help! Filtered projects!



I need help or advice. Every project I post is stuck in the filter (e.g. When i like it, it won't show up in my favorites, it shows no likes or plays) and I'm not sure what to do. I didn't post anything rude or unacceptable, just a drawing, an announcement, and a test project to see if all my projects were stuck. Please help! Thanks!


Email THT!


Ah! :scream:

I would recommend emailing the Hopscotch Team about this! The filter is designed to clear out any bad projects, but yours are getting stuck in it, as you've noticed. Is there any specific theme that you see when trying to publish? Is there a key word that you have in every project that would trigger it?:wink:


I'll check it, then email THT if I don't find anything. Thanks guys!


Aah! My smoothie maker got stuck in a filter and when it got out it boosted into featured


I did a big project that said 'Stop bullyin g, it hurts' and then it got stuck in the filiter 🙄:rage: I was trying to help! Argh I hate when it does that!


It's the past five I've posted, none of them have bad words!