Help everybody and help them learn


Ok this page is just for answering and helping people like posting HSB colours
Or telling people sin and dos
We learn Dom other people!!!
Have fun


Awesome! There are other topics on HSB and Sin and Cos as well so you can have a look at those too for tips :smiley:



Secret colours

Sorry it's not in order it doesn't want to do it first it's just a text block being dragged the it's the add a new rule then it's the set textleabe a trail then boom (you don't have to do the top one
Hope this helped
This is
Secret colours


You have to do the top one not the second top one


Good job! One thing is, though, is that you can use HSB(0,0,0) instead of HSB(00,00,00) to make it shorter.


Thanks @creativecoder


@Wow_woman, you can edit your post and put them in the right order just click the pencil.