HELP custom colours not working?



HELP! Custom colors don't work for me. And I double checked it and I copied the colour using copy and paste way and IT DIDN'T WORK!!!!:yum:πŸ€‘:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy_cat:
Way the way , new update got 9.1 ipad verion and ipad 4


can you type here the hsb color code


I know its a Colour though it doesn't work when I put it in another leave a trail block πŸ€”


try again and change the 44 to 43 and see if it works


Nope πŸ€” what is happening?


i've has hsb colors starting above 200 not working sometimes.
and very light shades of yellow not working.


This doesn't work also?


i'm on pc.
i'll try in about 3 hrs.


Start a new project. In the block press and hold the color and press select all then CUT. Paste it, change it, blahblahblah, copy, select all, paste. MAKE SURE YOU SELECT ALL AND CUT!!!!!!


There are some hsb colors that won't work on the hopscotch app.
I've had a few. I copied and pasted the correct way.


When putting the color in leave a trail, YOU NEED TO SELECT ALL AND PASTE OR ELSE IT WON'T WORK!!!!


Make sure you look up something on the magnfying glass for help before you post, their has been many post about the same topic.


Try adding spaces. :wink:

HSB(123, 99, 99)



It still doesn't work?!?!

Ok. Do this tutorial exactly, or do the Secret Colors tutorial in the videos page.