Help Clean Up the Forums



I have found that the forums are slowly, which I find sad, and which other people are using as an excuse to make spam topics that could easily be condensed into their General Topic.
It’s more understandable for very new users that are still getting used to stuff and don’t know many of the larger topics. But for those who have been on a bit longer and know the ropes, I find it simply unacceptable.
So, I am hoping to create a crew of people that would be willing to help try to clean up the forums, so that if the forum activity makes a sudden rise, it won’t be messy for the new comers and those who will return.
If you are willing to join, please do a simple task of filling out the form below. Your main job is to peruse new topics and see if they are spam or unneeded topics. If it is a newer user, simply give the a reminder. If it is a user who has been doing this over and over again, I don’t see why we can’t flag it as spam
Do you create spam topics?:
Are you willing to help clean up the forum?:
Do you already try to monitor spam topics?:



Drawing On Paper Compared to an IPad (Shading, shaping, etc) Topic 17 [OFFICIAL]

Pinging @Aariv because they might be interested.


You know, this won’t help at all :sneezing_face:


yes, @Amberheart, i appreciate your effort, but it isn’t of much use. without full time management of the forum and the hopscotch team talking to forumers, not much can be done.


We can at least try our best to keep the forum in good shape.


wE cAn At leAsT tRy oUr BeSt tO keEP tHe ForUm In GoOd shApE.


Lol you’re a normie


It’s already dead :wink:

Because it can be fun sometimes :crazy_face:

No offense, but I don’t think this will help. Telling people to stop will not make them stop until a moderator gets involved



Post can’t be empty hhh


I personally think this is worth a shot, though I do have my doubts. If we can actually get enough people to start enforcing and reminding forumers of the rules, it could affect their use of the forum. Similar to a few years ago, if the majority of the users follow and promote rules, they’d be able to reasonably solve issues and keep the spam in check. However, it seems that most of the spammers will be reluctant to follow the rules, judging by how this topic was received. I think it is naive to fully expect this to work, but it would be nice for everyone to try what they can. Despite our efforts, I still think the best way to actually restore the forum quickly and effectively is with proper enforcement and moderation. Sometimes actual consequences have to be given and there have to be people making that happen. That sounds a bit harsh, but free reign clearly isn’t going well for everyone here.


Ok,@Amberheart. I’m in. I am strictly against spam topics and some people.


Okay spam topics but PEOPLE? Wow haha the forum truly is a cruel place


I’ve reported 2 people already.


Well? Did they swear? Post innapropriate things?


Yes. They also created spam topics.


Okay, these two users you reported. When did they swear/post innapropriate stuff?


@poppy is too pure to swear :pensive::pensive:


Yes they are :pensive::pensive:


Their only dead when there is no one left. If they were dead, we would be having this conversation. @Gobli09