Help changing the emoji in project



Okay, I could've named the title better, but I couldn't think of anything...

Anyways, I'm trying to make a spiraling emoji pad where you can choose the emoji and it does the stuff it does in the spiraling emoji video. It works fine, except for one thing. When I switch the emoji, it switches fine, but if I try to switch back it doesn't change.

I'll include screenshots of my code. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @CreativeCoder try putting the Check once if Emoji type=2 in the last screenshot with everything inside it underneath the Check once if Emoji type=1 block in the third screenshot.

I think it's because when you press the iPad, both of those rules in the 3rd and 4th screenshots get triggered so they both keep drawing.

Try that and tell me if it doesn't work :smiley:


@t1_hopscotch Thanks, but it sadly didn't work :tired_face:

It's probably because the Repeat Forever for the Turn block. When you do "iPad is pressed" it runs the code over and over whenever your finger is on the screen. But because the Repeat Forever never stops, it can't check again.

I'll mess around with it for a bit, but I don't know. Maybe I'll add the Turn in another rule. Wish me luck :sweat_smile:

(And I'm currently cracking up because of the intro to the Spiraling Emojis video :smile:)


That's a shame :confused: Did you mean that you want all the emojis to change whenever you tap the :fire: and spiral button?


Not exactly. I'm trying to go for a drawing pad with the spiraling emojis. I know how to make all of the emojis change already. I am going to publish the project under #help so you can see the actual code. Thanks again!

EDIT: The project is here


Okay I'll have a look at it when I can :smiley:

Sorry I have to go off and unfortunately I couldn't find it when I searched it up. I would open it through the link but for some reason it always tries to open it in the beta app instead of the regular Hopscotch.


That's..strange. Just look when you can, I have to go to sleep pretty soon anyways :wink:

It's called "Help with spiraling emoji draw". I need to start coming up with better names...


Weird it still doesn't seem to appear when I look at your Published—


Thanks again @t1_hopscotch. It's weird you don't see it in my published projects...

Vertigo figured out how to do this already, so I'll probably look at it just to know how it was done. Thank you, though!

EDIT: You can still check it out here if you want. Hopefully it doesn't try to open in Beta again like last time :smiley:


That's great it worked out then :smiley: Unfortunately I don't think it will let me open in the regular Hopscotch until I delete the beta app, so I won't get to open it that way but glad it's working!


Turns out Vertigo's doesn't change back after you choose it then change it again. I'll keep working on it and seeing what I can do. It's really weird it keeps trying to open in beta. Thanks again!


I'm a beta tester now so why don't so get hopscotch beta?!?!


I don't know what you mean. I'm a beta tester too, and I have the app. What I said in the last post was that there's a weird bug and if you try to open a link to a project and you have beta it tries to open it in that or it glitches out


Send me the link please


I don't have it anymore :disappointed: because I got it a few months ago and it got buried or deleted

Just email Hopscotch! If you're on the list you should be able to get it


(Sorry about this post)


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