Help cant log in!


I tried long ago to log into my old account, which is currently set as
but when I log in, I can't use parentheses.
Can anyone help?


You can copy and paste it from something else (like that forum post).

I beat the Fast-Poster-Kiwicute. That's a first XD


Try copy and pasting parentheses in!


Oh yah.... That happened to me...
I just copied and pasted, then i changed the parentheses to brackets.


I tried but it didn't work on my iPad


No, you copy and paste it from an app, like Notes.


If you tap the "username" spot twice it should say "paste". Does that not work?


copy and paste doesn't work on my iPad..
it keeps bringing up weird stuff instead idk why


Try hitting that one little button!


You can do your email instead if you set up an email with your Hopscotch account.