HELP! Can't enter topic!



Stock safari?, I'm using the built in app not a third paty app using internet?
IOS is 9.1 will test 9.2 when I remember!


Are there a series of step you can take to reproduce this issue?

Eg... open browser, visit this page, that page etc ... then it crashes?

I have an iPad here and can try following them to see if the crash / hang happens.


You produce HEAPS of spam, here's a quick and easy way, go to an app like notes, press a letter lots of times, copy it all, paste it a lot of times copy all that and repeat a littke then paste into comment section


So just to confirm, if the comment box has ENORMOUS amount of text in it you can crash Safari?


Yep, sometimes it freezes safari, the only way to use safari again (that I know of) is before it loades and crashes/freezes again is to close tab or create new tab


OK .. I have a strong suspicion this was happening cause you had a saved enormous draft, will have a think of how to resolve and allow for it.

When you visit a topic we always try to load your draft.


The thing is..... Didn't have the oputunity, it crashed or freezed before I could upload it (in a detail, of cause!)


Work around would be to visit the topic from a desktop or laptop browser and clear it up by abandoning it.

I will try to reproduce this now that I understand the issue.


VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, thanks sam


Yeah, the topic I'm on has 530+ comments, and it crashes Safari when I enter it.


530+ comments?


Comments* :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thought so, good glitch if 530 topics, in one topic! (without quotes!)


This still happens to me :persevere: Especially topics with polls. I'll just go into a topic, the post is green, instead of fading. And Safari freezes.


Yeah, actually, that's a glitch I have too. Sometimes Safari freezes and bombs me out.
And sometimes the post is highlighted in aqua. Then it freezes.