HELP! Can't enter topic!



I can't, everytime I load it safari it freezes safari, I can't keep going to that screen!, I can create this topic, because when the screen is loading I coukd close it andpost this!
WHAT CAN I DO??????????
(sorry if ^ was rude)


Can you enter this topic?


Yeah, The other topic did a super long comment that freezes safari


Hmm. That happened to me too. Did you restart your browser?


How?, on ipad I just double home and swiped up, and closed this website and did this in address bar


@dancinglollipop, this is off-topic but it isn't 6am where I am, I can't go on that topic, sorry, it just freezes safari


Which topic is this?


I'll give a screenshot when I can........


That's been happening to me too on the "Coding Youtube?" topic...?

@sam, clearing my cookies helped, though!


Why don't you try the same? Maybe it will work too, too much cookies make computers lag...


How long was the comment?, mine was super long ie. Got to app, press E copy paste a lot copy all of that pate a lot on hopscotch forum (within a details)


Do what?


Interesting, nothing about that topic seems strange.

Are you able to make this happen again whenever you try to visit it, what browser are you using? What device?


@sam, sorry for the off topic, but while your online, I have another question to ask.

I've experienced a freezing screen multiple times. I have to refresh the app(s) and it says "Chrome didn't shut down correctly" so I have to login again.
Happened on safari too. The timings are random, the loading freezes. (Mostly happens when looking at notifications, but may happen when browsing freely on this site)

So, what is this? Is it a bug, glitch? Is there any way to fix it?


Yep, everytime I visit google/safari ipad 4 not the new update for ios


Same!, apart from normal google


Maybe the glitch for cydia ect. Put date back twodays?


I strongly recommend avoiding Chrome on the iPad, it is slower than Safari and has many glitches. Safari gets a faster JavaScript engine amongst other things.

It is very easy to get into a state where Chrome crashes if you have a bunch of tabs open on the iPad.


What version of iOS is this? Can you confirm this is the stock Safari browser?


Ok, but it happens on safari too. I use Incognito and private browsing on the Internet, and I happens when I have 1 tab only.