Help by accident I reset my password!



It said sent email @liza but I do t have my email I. Front of my face I don't want to restet it please! Will I be able to set it back to what I had before? Thanks! Calling @liza @PopTart0219 @ian @asha!


Weird now it says I can tap the button again!


Hello know knock anyone home?

Off topic

@Kiwicute2016 I am really afraid I will be hacked by Codelife tonight!


First, don't blame random people. That was in the past. Second; want me to email THT for you?


Why would you email THT for me?


Sorry I had to fix spelling XD


Try pressing G + M on the key board at the same time, it should allow you to see your private messages, then reply to the welcome message. :D

That's a way to privately message @Liza without a email. :D

I learnt this from @Follow4LikesOfficial. :D


Since you can't. Ill just tell them that your having the problem but you don't have an email so i did it for you


It's okay! I am always like this


I am on a iPad! I can't!!!


The password thing is fixed I think!


Do you have a computer? :D

Also, don't worry!

You need to set your password manually, I've done it before. :D


Is there anyway to do it on the iPad?


I have one but can't get on it at the moment!


And what does that meen?


You need to change your password by yourself to change it. :D


You can try that, but I think the issue is resolved.

my link no work


How do I do that?????


It won't let me tap it!


Don't worry! I assure you that you won't be hacked!