HELP! Bug in Hopscotch: The editor crashes!

I can’t publish anything in Hopscotch,my editor is crashing all time!
@Liza, @Meg ,@Rodrigo ,@Montoya, can you please fix it or tell me what to do? I am vey sad because I can’t publish anything if it keeps crashing like that!


#Bug report:

Your username: LunaMorgana387 :crescent_moon:

What kind of device are you using?: iPad Pro with Hopscotch updated to the latest update available.

1 sentence description of the problem: I was doing a project, and when I tapped the play button,it appeared a loading icon instead of the project and when it stopped loading,it crashed.

Steps to make the problem happen:

  1. Do a new project
  2. Do some code and add some characters and text
  3. Tap the play button.

I expected this to happen: That it would load immediately rather than seeing the loading icon and crashing.

But instead this happened: It appeared the loading icon and it crashed.

Here’s a sweet screenshot:

Then,it crashed.


aww, this happens to me, but just sometimes...
Idk how to help.


I am very sad.Please,I hope that @Liza,@Meg,@Rodrigo or @Montoya fix this bug ASAP or ar least that they see this topic!


Ya I already made a topic like this, did you get the new update?


I have the latest update,but since the cloning update was there,the editor got slow and laggy,and it's still crashing. I am dissapointed. :disappointed:

This happens to me too! If it happens often, email the Hopscotch team and they'll be sure to help you.


OH no! We're so sorry for the delayed response here.

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app? I know it's lame advice but it can work.

Let us know! We'll watch this thread for your reply.


I tried, but is still slow and now, when I try to remix something and I rename it and publish it, it says "Opps! You need to type a name first." and I typed another name for the project, but it says the same. Can you (or other moderators) fix it? Thanks for the reply!

This is the only project I could publish @Liza: