Help! Bug: date of "hopscotchin since"



OMG! I went back on my old account yesterday and I was just on Hopscotch and I realized that it said I was Hopscotching since September 2015 I started in the December of last year! Is it just or is everyone having the same problem? Please help @Liza @Ian @asha :pensive::sweat::crying_cat_face::sob::fearful::scream::cold_sweat:


I am having the same problem @Liza


It's just a bug. When you view your account that's how it looks. When you search your name up it has the month you were actually started hopscotching.


Hi @BraveDaisy and @Work_kids_coding! Sorry about the mixed up "Hopscotchin' Since"s! This is a bug and we've fixed it for the next update.

The good news is what @InnerSparkle said. Other people who view your account see the original (and correct) Hopscotchin' Since. Only you see the bug.

Hope this clears things up!


@Ian thanks so much I am gglad that will get fixed


Thanks @Ian I look forward to the update