Help, big profile glitch since last year


For some reason this project is invisible to other hopscotchers but me. I’ll show you. Btw can the hopscotch team fix this!!!

This is in my profile. It’s imbetween Fs creator and Creative Cavoodle Art Pad. It’s a bible that took forever

This is in my other profile Clever Cavoodle, it is gone and invisibl to other hopscotchers.
Click on the link and see if it takes you into it and somebody help! This is no joke this is the third time it has done this :sob::cry:


Try logging in and and out or check for updates and or if this doesn’t help re publish it because it’s happened to me before


It may be because of the filter

The filter catches most bad words and will make projects with bad words hidden to other people.

The filter of course can accidentally trap some projects where the words are used in a reasonable sense. In this case, like yours, it’s best to tag THT here to have them push it out of the filter.


Woah, awesome. I need to go put that link on the godly religions coding club topic. I think it might be trapped because of the word deat.h


I think that it is in the filter somehow.


It must be in the filter. Did you put any bad or mean words in it? I don’t think so,


Probably because it’s stuck in the filter

Try to take any words that might be blocked out


Thanks guys, I will try that. I couldn’t understand why. I was so sad it took me ages. Thanks


Hmmm, I’ve noticed this with projects that do not contain anything rude. Even those really amazing projects go missing too.