Help, and thank you sooooo much!



I was just wondering how to make a line get smaller as it moves. I need to learn that in order to make a cool logo. Also, thank you guys soooooo much for helping me get to number 2 on Trending!!! It felt amazing to have so much support on my first project! Thanks!


No problem you are so cool!!


And I will,show you one second!


Thanks sooo much! That means a lot coming from you!


ill check out ur project right now ;D


No problem you are awesome here is how you make the line!


It's not showing up in order!


That's ok.:joy: This is perfect, thanks!


send a project link to them with the code


and how'd you make the instagram logo SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!


I will do that! Thanks!


Thanks! If you just look in the code then you could probably figure it out. If you recreate it, please give me credit though!


Alright here is the link


Thanks sooooooo much!!!


@TheLogoMaster, here, this should help! Also, your Android logo is amazing!!! :smiley:


No problem! Glad to help!