Help (about the forum)!Please!



Hi guys!
Can someone help me how to make the folders in posts and topics,please?I saw a lot of people doing it,but I don't know how to make it!:confused:
(Tagging random people that helped me)


Folders? What do you mean?

Can I change the tag, since you aren't a regular?


Sorry about the tag,I accidentally tapped it.


The folders? Do you mean


Do this:

[details=Title of folder]
What you want in the folder


Yes!Thanks @treefrogstudios!!!:wink:


You're welcome! :D

I'm happy to help anytime! :D


Be sure to put the '[details=.....]' but on a separate line like

this :wink:


Ok,thanks to @treefrogstudios and @KVJ for helping me!Thank you guys!


You're welcome :smiley:


Here are some other cool tricks you can do on the forum! `


Thanks @Snoopy!


No problem! :D


Do you mean this?


Press da gear icon near da smiley face on da bar of buttons when you're posting something.
And press Hide Details
Then it should come up


Ur awesome bruh


Thanks all!


I'm sorry late reply.
What do you mean by folders, I hav'nt found them yet.