Help 3D spinning cube


I am trying to make a cube that spin when you tap and hold and swipe screen, the problem is I don't know how to give clone a value so I can't make it anyone can help me?


Try this:


Lol I mean spinning you know what I mean? Like a 3D cube spinning left and right not spinning on the screen


Like a barrel spinning?? (I couldn't find an actual barrel :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Then add a
Change X by 5


Yes lmao nice video lol


Thanks! I ran out of likes again :triumph:


So how am I suppose to make that's? I know you are one of those God and cool coder,i know you can help me please :wink:


You make it do:

Repeat forever
  Turn 2 Degrees

If you could make a sideways barrel, that would (hopefully) work! :wink:


Omg seriously not turn even noob knows how to do that not side way dude you know like a cube spinning left and right, like one side become bigger and the other side become smaller..


I am pretty sure @MagmaPOP has made a project for that. Go to MagmaPOP's profile and scroll down a little.


Well, it's pretty simple, and it usually works! :wink:


What is sin and cos?




Okay....... Sound difficult