Helloooo Hopscotchers



I can't believe I didn't know about this before. It's soooo awesome!! :yum: Does anyone agree?


Are you talking about the forum? Yes it is awesome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I love how it's a really great and friendly place for the community to discuss Hopscotch.


Are you the ACTUAl t1 or a fan?


@battledog, she is the real t1.


Okay.. but t1 is a he?


I thought t1 was a girl~ sorry


I believe so @t1_hopscotch is a girl.


Okay! You wanna collab on Hopscotch?


Go to my topic about it @battledog.


Hi @battledog, like @Phase_Studios said, yes I am t1 (I'm a girl though :smile:). Seeing as you just joined, you might like to check out the Forum Community Guidelines here. One of the guidelines is to keep it relevant so make sure you don't stray off topic on discussions :smiley:

Glad you're enjoying the forum. What do you like about it so far?


Okay Phrase_Studios!


This is the topic @battledog.


Oh my goodness t1 is talking to me. (Sorry it's just that you're really famous at my school, where everyone plays hopscotch) I like that we can ask questions and get to know Hopscotch better. I'm sorry I strayed off the topics, BTW. I'll try not to again!


That's okay no worries :smiley:


Yes, our "t1" (what does that stand for, anyway?) is a very nice girl, indeed. And she dutifully strives to make the forum (you've evidently just discovered) work for everyone. She sets a good example. As long as you do your best to focus on things germane to code or to the foum, i think you will enjoy the outcome. :sunglasses:


Why thanks @battledog and @oio (t1 doesn't really stand for anything) and that's right – if you keep the discussion relevant to Hopscotch and on-topic, you'll enjoy being on the forum :smile: