Hello World! How Y'all Doing? 🌎



I am not a new user. But this is my new account. I want to be free from all judgement people have about me on my other account, and start over.

This is not an account to troll. Why is my username this? The phrase flip the script means to do something unexpected or revolutionary.

I'm dyslexic or something like that, but I can flip the script. I can write a book! I can change the world. No silly vicious stereotypes for me!


Hai there! :D
You may need a profile pic to start with…


Anyone got anything to say? :stuck_out_tongue:


I wanna give a like but I don't have any… ;-;



What kind of profile pics do most people do? Do you have any suggestions?


Ones like mine most people do.


You can draw your own profile pics, find a nice picture to use, or you can search up Avatar Maker and make a profile pic from that website! :wink:


Click this blue text to get an avatar like mine, but you can draw, get gifs, are just a simple profile pic if you want!


Hi! Anyone want to be friends?




I'm really happy to have a new fren! :wink:


@Himynameismeredith1 @StarryDream yayy! Friends!


What is your identity?


Why does it matter?

I just want a fresh start! :smiley:

Hi @Ella_13! Wanna be friends?


Hey, what's up! You can totally do anything! Go for your dreams! I don't know who you are but I hope I was nice to you on your other account!


I saw this cool video! I'm a Christian! I like this theme, it's called reverse thinking. Some call it flipping the script. Get it? Watch the whole thing.

Cool huh?

Here's another one!

@Cash I just saw a topic of yours. You seem like you might need a little pick-me-up. Also @ella_13.

Tag anyone else you think might want to see this!
If you don't feel like watching a video, look at the second one! There's always hope.


Can we be friends? If you need help, tag me!


You're so nice! I'd love to be friends!!! :smiley:



You don't have to answer this question if you don't want:

Were we friends on your other account?


We didn't talk too much, but we were always nice to each other when we did! So yes, I would call us friends.

@BellaWafflez17, could you draw me some kind of white flower? White is so pretty!

@KVJ, That would be great! I really look up to you!